19 August 2022 High Profile Ltd

EHMF Business Sponsorship

DIrector, James Scutts, with EHMF sponsor certificateWe are proud be a young person business sponsor of the Elliott Holmes Memorial Fund, giving a young person the opportunity of a brighter future by funding their mental health counselling to help build confidence and self-esteem.

The Elliott Holmes Memorial Fund offers funding and access to mental health counselling for young people aged 13-18, living in Gravesham. The counselling referral form provides the means to access mental health counselling fast. The charity provide the funding direct to independent, local BACP counsellors who accept EHMF terms. Our one point of contact quickly builds trust with young people. Money is raised by the local community and businesses.

Research shows that early intervention is key. However, with long waiting times young people can get lost in the system and many find it almost impossible to access counselling via the NHS. This inevitably leads to issues compounding and in the worst case scenario can result in someone taking their own life, just like Elliott. Sadly, statistics report almost one suicide a week in Kent.

For more information about the charity, please visit ehmf.org.uk.

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