We recently had the pleasure of Elliott Holmes, who joined High Profile for one week’s work experience. Elliott, who attends Meopham Secondary School, was given the task of producing a website, promoting Gravesham as a tourist destination.

This is a project we set our work experience students. It gives them a real insight into a number of key skills that go into producing a website on a professional level.

Skills Elliott learnt during his week were:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Website architecture
  • Website building
  • Marketing


Here is what Elliott made of his week with us.

I didn’t realise what went into producing a website on a commercial level. I am leaving school in the summer and still haven’t decided what I want to do. This week has given me valuable experience working in the marketing industry, whilst picking up some basic skills.

I was also encouraged by High Profile to set up a LinkedIn profile to showcase my experience and achievements. This is now online and I will be actively seeking an apprenticeship – all suggestions gratefully received!

Peter Scutts, Managing Director at High Profile commented:

I was most impressed with Elliott. He picked up the basics quickly and showed promise with his photography and IT skills. I am confident he will be an asset to any company who is looking to take on a young apprentice.


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After 25 years in the marketing business it’s rewarding to be recognised by your peers in the marketing industry. This demonstrates our continued commitment and credibility within the profession.

How did we survived without the internet, emails, PDFs, and social media back in 1993? My first Mac had an 80MB hard disk and 8MB of RAM, a real beast of a machine back then! The 3.5-inch floppy disk was the storage medium of the day. Petrol was 46p a litre and Harry Kane wasn’t even born.

I’ve been privileged to have worked on some amazing jobs and worked with some equally amazing people. And made a few long standing friends along the way.

Thank you to all the people I’ve worked with along the way, my loyal team and the CIM for the recognition of our work.


Celebrating my first client 25 years on, a night out with the former GWS boys.

John Stanley – Formerly GWS Shopfitting

In July 1993 we produced our first ever job, a move card for GWS Shopfitting. It was a time when they relocated from the Crossways Business Park in Dartford, to Gravesend. This was Job 00001 – to put it in perspective, we are now on job 13,169.

And so it was, John Stanley, a co-owner of GWS Shopfitting, along with his work partner Paul Bright became my first client. They had an amazing partnership, with Paul driving the financial side of the GWS business while John was the business winner. John, with all that he had on his plate, still found time to empathised with me starting High Profile and all it entailed. He quietly instilled confidence in my ability and encouraging me from the sidelines.

For those of you not local to Gravesend, these guys worked hard over the next five years building a successful company. They employed over 140 staff, becoming one of the largest employers in Gravesham, designing and installing shopfitting equipment throughout the UK. Make no mistake, their clients were big and included the likes of Shell, Homebase and Sainsbury’s . Orders were for multiple store refits throughout the UK. They grew the company and sold it in 1998 for in excess of £18M.

We worked with GWS for five years producing corporate brochures; sales flyers; stationery and a corporate identity – don’t forget, this was before the days of websites.

What impressed me about John was his incredible positive attitude to winning business. He was so confident about his team’s capability, he could commit to tight deadlines and what seemed impossible requests over the phone without hesitation – that must have been some sales edge over the competition. To this day he has kept his relationship personal with his clients, ensuring systems and processes are kept firmly in their place.

You can always get hold of the guy – that should tell you something about his commitment.

Over the 20 years that followed, John was involved with various other ventures, keeping High Profile as his preferred marketing and creative services supplier.


What I have learned from John

  • Deliver on time and exceed your client’s expectations
  • Stay positive at all times
  • Believe in your own capability

High Profile celebrated 25 years in business this week and the company’s owner, Peter Scutts, has been in a celebratory and reflective mood.

Peter Scutts, owner and Managing Director of High Profile

How would you sum up your feelings towards reaching this company milestone?
“Well, that went quick! It only seemed like yesterday… it’s when you take time to reflect on some interesting facts from 25 years ago that you realise how long ago it really was.

“Back in 1993, for instance, it’s amazing to think that we survived without the internet, emails, PDFs, and social media. My first Mac had an 80MB hard disk and 8MB of RAM (a real beast of a machine!). The 3.5-inch floppy disk was the storage medium of the day, petrol was 46p a litre and Harry Kane wasn’t yet born.”

Are there times you feel you could have done a job better?
“Winston Churchill once said of painting: ‘When I go to heaven I mean to spend a considerable portion of my first million years in painting, and so get to the bottom of the subject.’

“I feel the same about marketing – there is always something new to learn, although unlike Churchill, I’m not so sure about my destiny with heaven!”

What advice would you give to a start-up company?
Be absolutely clear articulating what it is you are selling, the benefits to your customer and what is unique about your product or service. Be consistent in your message across all platforms. Target your audience and experiment with getting the right mix of media. Test media, measure and adjust accordingly. It’s not all about getting quality leads – identify if you are converting your leads and most importantly, work on keeping your clients. A good mix of traditional and digital marketing usually works best for most businesses. And finally, don’t get sucked into thinking ‘being no.1 in Google’ will change your life forever.

What advice would you give someone new coming into the industry?
“Three things that have served me well and I still preach today:

  • People buy people first
  • Never assume anything
  • Think outside the box”

Sharing a light-hearted moment with Eddie the Eagle and the High Profile team during the opening of the new Red Eagle head office

Tell us more about some of the memorable projects in which High Profile have been involved?

  • “1993 – A direct mail piece that had a 27% response rate and requests for over 300 meetings – one mailing changed the company overnight
  • 1997 – The launch of the first political bookshop and coffee house in London for 250 years. The Times voted it ‘Party of the Week’, with many MPs and cabinet ministers in attendance
  • 1998 – Sponsoring Gravesend’s Futuretown schools project, I had the honour of being introduced to Prince Charles when he visited the town
  • 2000 – We produced the creative for The Farnborough Air Show promotion – the show exceeded all previous attendance records
  • 2002 – A corporate identity project for GlaxoSmithKline’s worldwide AIDS programme, Positive Action
  • 2008 – With the help of local historians over a period of six months, we created the Discover Gravesham historical website, launched by Jeremy Hunt. The project was a finalist at a national awards ceremony for the best use of new technology
  • 2012 – A global health and safety video for Nike, produced in 14 languages
  • 2014 – A PR piece about the oldest full-time salesman in Britain, 96-year-old Reg Huntley – it attracted the attention of the nationals, local and trade media, as well as radio, the BBC news, ITV news, and The One Show. The story went viral, with Reg following this up by appearances on Good Morning Britain and various radio shows
  • 2017 – Getting ‘Eddie the Eagle’ on board for the opening of Red Eagle’s new head office and as a patron of their new charity – what a great character and thoroughly professional.”

What is the secret of High Profile’s longevity?
Building good long term relationships with clients, employing a loyal dedicated team and performing your best at all times for your clients.

Have you any plans to help celebrate your 25 year achievement?
“We had a team dinner at a local Italian with two long standing past employees joining in the celebrations.  Over the next few weeks, I will be meeting up with a number of clients, some of whom have been doing business with us for all of our 25 years. I will be posting an article or two about the type of work they do and about our ongoing relationship with them – while having a pint or two of course!”

High Profile had the pleasure of working on this project over the past couple of months with John Tate from the Gravesend Airport Heritage Project. The final display plays a part in helping commemorate 100 years of the RAF and the part they played at Gravesend Airport during World War II. The event took part at Cascades Leisure Centre, Gravesend on Saturday 2nd June 2018.

Our aim was to give people who knew nothing about the existence of Gravesend airport, a basic knowledge of what was on the Riverview Park estate before it was built.

Unveiling of the two commissioned benches which listing the squadrons who operated from RAF Gravesend

The main map was a focal piece and one that presented a major challenge. We had to plot as accurately as possible where the original airport and buildings were sited in relation to today. And for that we used 3 main references: Plans from the original airport site; old aerial photographs from the era and old OS maps. These were overlaid on a satellite image and by using key markers that we know exist today, the key sites where drawn. These include runways, airport perimeters, buildings and other key references. This is the most accurate representation produced to date of where everything stood in relation to Riverview Park and the fields to the East where Cascades now stands. If you are a resident of Riverview Park, it must amazing to know that your garden could have been sited on the runway where Spitfires once took off 75 years ago!

This project presented a real challenge, an enjoyable challenge and one that we couldn’t have contemplated without the help of John Tate, our local expert on the Airport who provided the material and content as well as an immense amount of dedication to the project. Thanks goes also to KCC and Councillor Alan Ridgers, for without their support this project would not have happened.

If you find this topic of interest and would like to know more, then there are references to a website and a Facebook page where you can find more information.

Website: www.gahp.org.uk

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/RAFGravesend/


This week we had Alex join us for work experience. He was given the task of producing a tourism website promoting the highlights of Gravesend and the best places to visit in the town and the area.

Here is what Alex made of his week with us.

For the week that I have spent at High Profile I have learned how to create and build a website (while starting out with no knowledge of building a website). I have gone out around the town photographing attractions to add to my website, then describe them. . I have learned skills that I never would have such as: adding news feeds, gallery’s and taking photos then uploading them to my website. I’ve had a lot of fun this week the team were very welcoming and I was not afraid to ask questions

Alex building the website.

You can visit the website he made by going here – http://www.hpl-server.co.uk/graveshamtourism/