We have becoming increasingly concerned for the safety of companies who do not have their domain name registered in their own name. This usually comes to light when working on new websites.

Typical scenario of what we discover – be careful!
An employee leaves your company and sets up as a competitor. Nothing new, but when you discover he originally set up your email, looked after your website and your IT, you may just start to feel somewhat vulnerable. Are the leads from your website now being redirected to his new company? Is your email being mirrored? Is your domain name (the thingy that controls where your email and website points to) registered in your name?

If your domain name is not registered in your name or your company name, then you do not have ultimate control over where your emails are directed, nor control as to where your website points to!

We have had a number of these situations presented to us over the years. After some basic investigations we often find the company doesn’t even own their own domain name and even worse the agent that registered it in his own name is no longer in business. This could result in the domain name pointing to another website or not displaying at all. Although these issues can be addressed in time, the disruption to your organisation, loss of business and time could all be saved by having the information below to hand.

Know where your domain name is held and have the username and password held in a secure place – this is important marketing equity.

Before GDPR you could do a simple search to find out who the registered owner is. The only way now is to log into your own account and check the details – If you cannot do this or you are in any doubt whatsoever, find out who the registrar is for your domain name and contact them for further assistance.




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Dave Newcombe, Employee communications – (Ex) National Grid