High Profile had the pleasure of working on this project over the past couple of months with John Tate from the Gravesend Airport Heritage Project. The final display plays a part in helping commemorate 100 years of the RAF and the part they played at Gravesend Airport during World War II. The event took part at Cascades Leisure Centre, Gravesend on Saturday 2nd June 2018.

Our aim was to give people who knew nothing about the existence of Gravesend airport, a basic knowledge of what was on the Riverview Park estate before it was built.

Unveiling of the two commissioned benches which listing the squadrons who operated from RAF Gravesend

The main map was a focal piece and one that presented a major challenge. We had to plot as accurately as possible where the original airport and buildings were sited in relation to today. And for that we used 3 main references: Plans from the original airport site; old aerial photographs from the era and old OS maps. These were overlaid on a satellite image and by using key markers that we know exist today, the key sites where drawn. These include runways, airport perimeters, buildings and other key references. This is the most accurate representation produced to date of where everything stood in relation to Riverview Park and the fields to the East where Cascades now stands. If you are a resident of Riverview Park, it must amazing to know that your garden could have been sited on the runway where Spitfires once took off 75 years ago!

This project presented a real challenge, an enjoyable challenge and one that we couldn’t have contemplated without the help of John Tate, our local expert on the Airport who provided the material and content as well as an immense amount of dedication to the project. Thanks goes also to KCC and Councillor Alan Ridgers, for without their support this project would not have happened.

If you find thiis topic of interest and would like to know more, then there are references to a website and a Facebook page where you can find more information.

Website: www.gahp.org.uk

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/RAFGravesend/