Eight ways to help increase the amount of visitors to your website:

1. Mobile phone users
A responsive website that adapts to mobile phones, will help rank your website pages higher. Mobiles now account for over half of the visitors on most websites.

2. Email signatures
Create an email signature that includes a promotional message and link it to the relevant page on your website. You’ll be surprised how many additional visits over a monthly period you will get – test different messages and offers. This is a good one, missed by many companies!

3. Email marketing
Using a good on-line professional email marketing tool to keep in regular contact with your customers and potential customers. Deliver information that will actively help them. Link the email through to the relevant page on your website and analysis the pages that pull the most results.

4. Web videos
Uploading website videos to YouTube and back-link to your website with keywords/phrases will increase the quality of links coming into your website and should improve your position in related searches. Google loves video and rates it highly when delivering search results.

5. Social media
Explore the use of online social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. For some businesses this can be a good way of communicating latest news and events with customers. Send additional visitors to your website via tweets geared to products, services useful information or industry articles. Events and news can easily be populated quickly and ideal for charities, clubs and pubs targeting local people. NB Although the platforms are mostly free, it can be a huge investment in time, so use it wisely.

6. Google My Business
Add your website to Google My Business listings. These appear at the top of search results when towns or counties are used in the search term. You can register your business and website at: www.google.com/business

7. Start a blog
A blog can be additional pages of content on your website displaying news, new product information or simply information such as this to help your customers. You may have come across this page via the search engines and found us! Once a blog/news page is created you can inform your customer database using email marketing to send them directly to the page you wish them to view.

8. Add social media share buttons
Add social media share buttons to the foot of your website pages, this can work well with information designed to help the visitor, e.g. ‘How to’ guides etc.

A final note – Monitor your website’s traffic
Measuring performance is crucial in developing your website. Google Analytics is an excellent website monitoring tool. It can easily be added to your existing website, delivering information to help you make informed decisions about developing and marketing your website. For more information search ‘Google Analytics’.



Pete helped on a number of levels, including the company name, magazine style and content layouts as well as producing a media pack to help sell our magazine to advertisers. We are now 9 months in and sales are 80% up on our original projections. I have found Peter to be an excellent soundboard to run my thoughts past, he has the knack of knowing what will work and what won’t.
Andy Dunn, Publishing Director – Media Now