Email Marketing

Email marketing represents excellent value for money and can become an important part of your marketing mix, both for internal and external communications.

There are two major benefits of email marketing, firstly crafted emails are capable of being targeted at a clearly define audience, group or individuals and secondly they can be personalised.

With various levels of frequency, awareness is created and helps when trying to encourage a recipient to respond to a proposition.

Both inbound and outbound emails are managed. Inbound to capitalise on the data received and outbound to target, segment, measure and report. We often see poor attempts to do this using ‘Outlook’ or similar packages not designed for the task of mass email delivery nor management.

Professional management represents a huge opportunity to build email lists for use in campaigns and becomes part of your integrated marketing.

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Build and manage your database including creating groups, including building an opt-in form on your website


Send information to specific segments, reward your customers, send order notifications, retarget site visitors with email

Evaluate and monitor

Track your campaigns and analysis your results including open rates, click through rates, subscribers and unsubscribers