Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the more frequently asked questions.

We’ve put together 3 typical packages to help you work this out, along with our list of rates. This should give you a good guide to form a budget but if you need a tailored quote then please contact us.

We are typically asked to supply a high definition MP4 file which is ready to upload to YouTube/Vimeo or drop into PowerPoint. We can however supply the file in nearly any digital format you may require.

Yes…but it will cost you. Commercially sold music is extremely expensive. To use 60 seconds of Mr Brightside by the Killers in a corporate video to be used on an exhibition stand a couple of times in a year was £6,000 at the time of asking. If you are a charity then you can usually get a significant discount and the record labels usually only charge a nominal fee to cover their costs.

Royalty Free music is the most popular as the term you can use the music over is generally perpetual and licenses cost under £50 per track. The next step up is specialist libraries music which costs around £250 but sometimes has a limited timespan over which you can use the music before re-licensing it again. Although higher in price the quality is usually noticeably higher than Royalty Free.

New clients are typically invoiced 50% in advance with the balance due on completion.

We would retain the copyright on the video itself although some elements may have been licensed from 3rd party sources such as the music and the respective party would retain the copyright for those parts. We clear all material for use in your video in advance of giving you the file. Whilst we retain the copyright, you are free to use the video in any material/media related to your business without having to seek our permission first.

If you would like to proceed then call us to arrange a meeting – We are happy to come to you. At the meeting we will discuss your requirements in more detail to assess what may be involved to meet your needs.