31 January 2024 High Profile Ltd

Unify London Taxis Launch

Michael, Director of Unify London Taxis

For the last 12 months, we’ve been working with Michael from Unify London Taxis on a range of marketing materials including; website design with e-commerce, hosting,  taxi livery graphics, newspaper and magazine adverts, app branding, signage, photography, and merchandise, for a new London taxi booking app.

Michael’s app, Unify London Taxis, combines the latest technology with the greatest taxi knowledge, to provide a superior service for both customers and drivers. Unify are the only app platform operating fully within the TfL pricing structures, offering full protection to both taxi drivers and customers from the unscrupulous practices of other providers.

This app was funded and made possible with a legacy left to Michael by his late wife, Barbara. She always wondered why there wasn’t an app that was run by the trade for the good of all. She left Michael with strict instructions to, “Make it work Micky, make it work.”

Barbara and Michael believed that it should be possible to run a booking service for taxis which is both profitable and charitable. They felt that if the drivers could come together and join a single platform, even if still using others, that a solution could be found that could benefit the whole taxi community.

During the early phases of this project, they often spoke about unifying the trade to act as one. From these conversations the name Unify London Taxis was born, and an idea started to become a reality. They began researching ways in which they could benefit the whole taxi community, drivers, customers, and others associated with the trade, for example the wonderful charities that many taxi drivers support.

Unify is owned and run by a multi-generational cabbie family, created with the aim of benefitting charity and the whole taxi community. Launching in May 2023, the app has signed up nearly 2,000 drivers to date, representing more than 10% of the total number of black cabs in London.

The app is available to download on both Android and iOS now.

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