Video Production

Award winning video production

A complete video production service including scripting, storyboard, production, site location, filming, editing, effects and outputting into virtually any format.
We have experience filming in critical and construction environments such as on motorways, railways, water and working at height. We also carry all the required safety equipment (coloured hard hats, gloves, eye protection, steel toecapped boots), clothing (yellow/orange high vis) and hold a CSCS card.

Corporate Videos

A corporate video increases brand awareness, adds character and gives your company a personality. Used on a website it will engage visitors and generate more interest in your company.

Product Videos

A great way of promoting your product and ideal for complex products that are hard to put into words alone. They can pre-qualify sales leads making telephone sales enquiries more productive.

Promotional Videos

Great for exhibitions and events as part of your marketing strategy. They make attracting exhibitors, visitors and sponsors much easier and give you a showcase of ‘live’ testimonials.

Charity Videos

Videos for fundraising, PR and training charged at a special reduced charity rate. We have worked with both local and national charities such as EllenorLions and Royal British Legion Industries.

Training Videos

For employee induction or on-going training – We work with a legal compliance partner to ensure you meet the industry standards for Health and Safety, Fire Safety, First Aid Training and more.

Timelapse Videos

A great way to show people what is involved in a project, which may have taken weeks, in a short time frame. All shot in 6K.


Campaign planning, copywriting, design and artwork, production and monitoring.



Campaign planning, advertisement scripting, recording, media liaison and booking.


Campaign planning, media selection, design and artwork, copywriting, production and monitoring.

Social Media

Campaign planning, media selection, copywriting, production and monitoring.

Direct mail

Planning, list generation, copywriting, creative services, fulfilment and monitoring.

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